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Centrum Prawa Ekologicznego (CPE) - The Environmental Law Center is an independent think tank and consultancy body which specialises in environmental law.

The CPE's main goal is to promote rule of law, environmental democracy and European integration.
Aiming to achieve these goals CPE is prepared to co-operate with various organisations, institutions and other entities.

CPE collaborates with the law firm Jendro¶ka Jerzmański Bar & Partners. Environmental Lawyers.

CPE is a member of European Environmental Bureau, Brussels.

CPE collaborates with various institutions:

We also co-operate with the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier, Regional Environmental Center (REC) in Szentendrethe Eco-Institute in Darmstadt, Environmental Law Network (elni) w Bingen, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) in London, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Warsaw, the Environmental Law Team of the Polish Academy of Science. We also co-operate with Wroclaw University and Opole University in organizing post graduate studies and conferences.

CPE's activities are run by outstanding environmental law and policy experts with significant domestic and foreign experience.
The CPE Board comprises of:


CPE publishes educational and scientific books in the field of environmental law. We offer i.a. practical guidelines on environmental law.


CPE, in cooperation with other institutions, organizes conferences concerning environmental law.

The latest significant conferences were:

Environmental aspects of EU enlargement

EU enlargement is one of our priority areas of activity, with special consideration given to the implementation of environmental acquis to Polish environmental law.
From May 1999 to December 2001 CPE in co-operation with Dutch organisations: Stichting Natuur en Millieu and MilieuKontakt OostEuropa, implemented an international project "Time for EU membership" sponsored by the Dutch Foreign Ministry within the MATRA programme. The project focused on providing information and workshops on EU environmental legislation, as well as on scrutinising the approximation process in Poland in this respect.

President - Jerzy Jendro¶ka, Ph.D. was appointed Ministry of Environment advisor on the EU adhesion for the years 2000-2001

Consulting activity in the legislative processes

The CPE experts are involved in drafting environmental legal acts as well as in consulting such drafts prepared by the Environment Ministry and/or being subject to parliamentary proceedings.
The CPE experts also consult draft normative acts prepared at the EU level by the European Commission.
The draft acts prepared so far concerned i.a. access to environmental information, public participation and environmental impact assessment (the 2008 Act), genetically modified organisms and transboundary waste shipment (the 2004 Act).
The opinions on draft acts concerned i.a. mining waste regulations, environmental liability and EIA regulations.

Centrum Prawa Ekologicznego
Pl. Solny 16
50-062 Wroc³aw
tel.: (+48 71) 34 102 34
fax: (+48 71) 34 101 97

e-mail: cpe@eko.wroc.pl

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